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Project Info

Project Title - Ccerebrate Business Centre 
Project Category - Interiors - Office
Client's Name - Ccerebrate Business Centre
Project Location - Gurgaon 
Area - 24 sqmts

An Office Interior for a Business Center in Gurgaon. The client's came up with the basic requirements which included a waiting area, staff area, conference area and a MD cabin.
The design revolves around the concept of visually making the office look bigger in scale. Multipurpose spaces were proposed to avoid multiple partitions yet giving flexibility to use the spaces within the space. The MD cabin and Conference area was combined together while reception and waiting area as one.  Clear glass partition were proposed so as not to obstruct the depth of the office space visually, however it helps in defining the different zones physically. The office central area was conceived as a large functioning area by AAA Design Studio, one of the best Interior Designer in Allahabad.