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Project Info

Project Title - Residence at Chowk
Project Category - Architecture Residence
Client's Name - Mr Moinuddin
Project Status - Ongoing

Located in the busy streets of Chowk, Allahabad the semi built structure sits on a plot area of 495 SQFTs. The client reached us for the extension of the semi built structure with the basement and ground floor in place. The built structure had its own grid which was a constraint and a challange. The client wanted a cozy home as an extension of the semi- built structure.
Keeping in mind the constraint and the small area of the plot, the first floor was proposed as a guest _ entertaining area while the second floor was more of a private space with kitchen and a bedroom with a large overlooking windows which opens the view into the street. The columns were reduced from the first floor to the rest of the floors. The design evolved around the concept of max admission of natural light and air.

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