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project info

Project Title - Residence for Mr Jaiswal
Project Category - Architecture Residence
Client's Name - Mr Rakesh Jaiswal
Project Location - Machli Shahar, Uttar Pradesh
Project Status - Ongoing

A mixed land use project for Mr Jaiswal. The client briefed us to design the project which can be used as a showroom at the lower floor with adequate storage and display area while the residence with a typical layout so as to ease the floor distribution among the brothers. The client was very peculiar about the Vastu and arrangements of the blocks were done accordingly. The client specifically told us to provide two bathroom at each residential floor attached to the Bedrooms. Our design evolved around the requirements and hence a compact residential plan with open space directly accessible from bedrooms and living room was proposed. A contemporary style was adopted for the facade with traditional jaali reinterpreted in contemporary style was used to provide privacy and security which adds to the aesthetics of the building.  

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